International Energy

Conservation Code - IECC

This code began in 2009.

It is now being enforced!

On Page 31 it requires

All electrical boxes

on exterior walls

must be air tight!

Most states have adopted this code!!

US Patent No 6,874,295 Granted April 5th, 2005 Canadian Patent No 2,421,472 Granted January 10th, 2012

Air-Tight Insulated Electrical Box

Air Infiltration is one of the many problems builders of energy-efficient homes struggle with on every job. One of the most difficult areas to stop air infiltration is around and through electrical boxes. This is caused primarily by the large number of variables in the insulation installation process. The “Energy Block” eliminates these variables and gives a consistent and flawless installation every time. This difficult problem can be completely eliminated very inexpensively, without the need for additional electrical products or support. Forget the call-backs and complaints about air leaking through the outlets, the “Energy Block” makes this a thing of the past. Besides the increased energy efficiency, the energy block also greatly reduces the chance of MOLD forming as a result of moist air leaking to exterior walls, a major concern in today’s market!

The Solution

A simple, inexpensive block of foam insulation, molded to fit perfectly around the electrical boxes. The "Energy Block" is designed to fit a 2X6 wall, but can be modified to fit a 2X4 wall. The total installation can be accomplished without electricians in less than 2 minutes per box. The result is a near perfect seal around and behind every electrical box that essentially eliminates air infiltration. No need worrying about stuffing insulation behind the box, since the "Energy Block" provides R-10 insulation behind the box. "The 'Energy Block' is molded from material that is UL Classified for surface burning characteristics." Also meets IBC requirements.

- Flame spread 20 - Smoke development 300 -

Simple Installation

Installs in less than two minutes with repeatable results every time. Simply apply latex caulk on one side and press to permanently secure in place. This will not allow the seal to be broken around the electrical wires when the electrician trims out the boxes. Smooth sealant around the electrical wires and you are ready to apply insulation. A cutout template is available for perfect insulation cuts every time.  Next, install the precut insulation tightly around the box.  Install poly over the finished insulation as normal, and cut it out around the electrical box, but overlapping the "Energy Block". Apply caulk between the poly and the "Energy Block" and the perfectly sealed installation is complete. You have just achieved:

  • Near Zero Air Infiltration
  • Full insulation around and behind the electrical box
  • Greatly reduced chance of MOLD forming due to moist inside air escaping and condensing on an exterior wall

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